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3D Navigation

This is a school project made at EPITA in collaboration with Ubisoft.

It's a simulation of drones in a city with high buildings. Drones are collecting boxes at the blue points and delivering it to the yellow ones.

The movements of the drones are realistically simulated, with inertia. Every helix is independant. To move ahead, the drone will have to lean in the right direction, by raising the thrust in the throttle opposed to the movement direction. To turn, it will have to rotate. Drones try to avoid each other by navigate at several different heights.

You can modify the drones' behavior and other simulation option from the option panel accessible on the right.

Commands :

- Zoom / De-zoom on the map : mouse wheel (put the game in fullscreen if it's not working)

- Move the map : arrows keys

- Select a drone and follow it : click on it

- Take control of a drone : click on it, press escape. You can move horizontally by pressing the arrows keys. You can increase or decrease the throttle by pressing Z and S. For rotating on yourself, press Q and D

Published Oct 28, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity

Install instructions

The project sources can be downloaded hear : https://bitbucket.org/fdhalluin/epita_pfee_2015_3dnavigation


State of the art 1 MB
3DNav for Windows.zip 11 MB
3DNav for Linux.zip 13 MB
3DNav for Mac.app.zip 13 MB

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